The Impact of Philanthropy

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AU Museum

New Opportunities for the AU Museum

The AU Museum is celebrating an exciting new chapter thanks to the recent Corcoran Legacy Collection gift. See how these new pieces are benefiting AU students and helping AU be a part of the D.C. community.


Amy K. Dacey

Sine Institute Drives Powerful Conversations

American University recently launched the Sine Institute of Policy and Politics to bring together experts and students to work on the nation's most pressing challenges by seeking common ground and bipartisan solutions.


group photo

New Partnership Sparks Bright Future for AU and D.C. Students

"American University must be "a part of, not apart from" Washington, D.C.'s people and neighborhoods"—President Sylvia Burwell. Read about our new partnership, which is helping address the impending teacher shortage in D.C.


Emily DeMarco

Internships Make Knowledge Come Alive

Ninety percent of recent AU graduates participated in at least one internship. But because many internships are unpaid or offer only a nominal stipend, many students find it a challenge to participate. AU is working to change that.


Mariam Khorenyan

A Passion for Public Service

Mariam Khorenyan, SPA '18, is making the most of her AU education—inside the classroom and beyond. She's had the opportunity to complete several internships in the public service and government sectors, solidifying her passion for pursuing a career in public service.


Women scientists

Women in Science

The percentage of women majoring in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) at American University is higher than the national average, reflecting AU's commitment to equity and access.


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