Student Emergency Relief Fund Helps Eagles Meet Covid Challenges

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MascotThe COVID-19 crisis has accelerated many existing challenges in society and brought fresh urgency to longstanding issues. AU students face complex and rapidly-changing circumstances—health concerns, lost wages, changing family finances, and technology gaps.

The Student Emergency Relief Fund provides the funds and flexibility needed to help our highest-need students cover unanticipated costs associated with the pandemic. AU can direct the aid where it is most needed—it allows the university to address unforeseen challenges quickly and help keep students in school.

AU moved swiftly to establish the Student Emergency Relief Fund. Within three days of the announcement of the shift to online classes last March, the fund was up and running. From the start, AU alumni rallied to help fellow Eagles.

"The support from our community has helped our students feel cared for, seen, and valued," says Dr. Fanta Aw, AU's vice president of campus life and inclusive excellence. "The impact has been felt by many."

Thanks to generous donor support, the fund helped dozens of students cover travel costs to depart campus safely. AU worked with more than 60 students who remained on campus in emergency housing. The fund supports technology equipment or an internet hot spot—critical needs in days of remote learning.

As the fall semester begins, students still contend with significant difficulties. The Student Emergency Relief Fund aims to be there to provide flexible support for students in need. To make a gift, please visit

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